Best Online Preschool Classes for Children in Pune

We have gone through multiple decades of learning and education. It has been evolving slowly and steadily. But due to the pandemic there was a hault to this growth.

The entire world was just stopped to this deadly virus and everybody was bound to stay at home. To over come this, every industry was going through certain changes to make sure they are still running every industry was evolving.

To make sure education sector doesnt fall behind they had to go online with it. There were lot of questions at start how will online preschooling during lockdown work? what is online pre school? Is it that affective? and many more.

But even after all these questions, it was the online education which prevailed. Starting it's journey towards online education it had a lot of challenges but people adapted to it.

Here are the best online preschool classes for kids in Pune

  1. Vedic Tree - Live Animated videos with two teacher advantage
  2. Most of the parents have this question of 'Which is the best kids nursery school near me? Vedic Tree Kids Learning app with its "Value Based" philosophy and advanced curriculum, focuses that the kid will play, learn and grow to integrate important life skills through new discoveries. Integrated use of value based learning in our Pre-School curriculum makes learning fun and interactive for children. Our focus on the child's well-being and growth, with support of parents, makes Vedic Tree Kids learning App, one of the best pre-schools in the country.

  3. Value Based Learning (2 years to 6 years)
  4. Online learning now has become a integral part of the education system and during this lockdown period

    This unique online preschool program available in Pune is a highly interactive and responsive web-based virtual classroom. Designed to keep the safety of your child in mind, the value based learning helps your child build a daily discipline. By registering for this, parents can now be assured that their child’s learning is taken care of while they manage their work and household commitments.

    Key Features of Online Preschool Program in Pune:

    • High-level online education with animations
    • Valuable online classes
    • Online books for overall development
    • Daily preschool activities
    • Extra-Curricular Activities Included
    • Innovative Teaching Methods
    • Best early learning app available in the market
  5. Vedic Tree At Your Home (2 years to 6 years)
  6. Vedic Tree Kids learning App is one of India’s best self-paced, age-appropriate learning platform for preschoolers and toddler available in pune. An online learning curriculum of recorded activity videos and homeworks, our program provides children between the ages of 2 to 6. A remote learning and engagement solution, the program provides children with a mix of age-specific virtual recorded classroom sessions integrated with live videos.

    How affordable are online preschools?

    Vedic tree kids learning app has the vision to educate each and every child and integrate good values in them. Having said that, online preschools are a revolutionary step towards the future generation. With online e-books, no traveling time and the safety of your child, technology provides the best of online education without being at risk. The only way this was possible is because of technology which is why we could start online preschool education at just Rs 7,999 a year.

    Difference between playgroup and nursery?

    A nursery and a playgroup are very similar to each other in structure. The difference is in their style of education. Nursery is a bit more formal, while playgroups are more casual in their approach. Nursery is the broader term under which playgroup falls while playgroup is an informal nursery. The nursery means to nurse a child and take care of it whereas playgroup means separating a number of children into small groups and encouraging them to play among these groups.

    Why online preschool?

    Vedic Tree Kids Learning App has adapted to this new age world of pandemics and shifted to online learning. We have managed to teach more than 1000+ students online during this lockdown and it has been a good journey. Shifting online has not affected the quality of education. This is why all of our students complete the entire education through the Vedic tree.

    Why is pre-schooling education important?

    As a child, pre-school education is first interaction with the world and coming out of a comfort zone and your child should have the best of the experience with his/her first step towards learning. We here at Vedic Tree Kids Learning App ensure your child has fun and interactive learning with moral values.

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