Why preschool is important for 2021

Preschool is one of the most important parts of any kid's education journey. Preschool education aids in the mental, social, and personal development of children. While a child learns to speak at home, constant contact and exposure with children of the same age group and teachers in preschool aids in the development of communication skills.

Preschool is regarded as the most crucial stage of development. Nursery/ Preschool, which includes physical, social/emotional, and linguistic/cognitive development (all of which are equally important), has a significant impact on mental and physical health, literacy and numeracy skills, and life success.

But Due to this pandemic, many parents are worried about the early education of their children. Kids are missing the preschool, but they shouldn't miss the learning.

Every problem has a solution. To overcome the problem of physical preschools not functioning parents can find many good online preschools which can the best alternative for this pandemic

Vedic Tree Kids Learning App :

Vedic tree Kids Learning App is an educational platform which is ensuring to provide preschool kids with an end-to-end solution for online learning.

A perfect blend of animated sessions along with live sessions has been created in such a manner that it ensures learning with fun.

With Preschool Comes Home, Vedic tree brings the complete Preschool experience with online classes for kids to help them develop Literacy, Numeracy and social skills at your doorsteps.

The Program Includes :

  1. Curricular Activities: It includes Literacy, Numeracy, General Awareness & Hindi
  2. Extra-curricular Activities: It includes Yoga, Dance, Physical Education & Art and Craft
  3. Character Formation: Meditation, Prayer, Value-Based Education and special sessions.

This Preschool application has one of the best kids-friendly content where the animations used in the courses and curriculum make the kid enjoy what He/She is learning. The recorded videos help the kid to study at his own comfort. There are more than 1000 animated sessions available on the platform

The vedic tree also has a Free demo class option for all the parents and kids who are interested to have a glimpse of the platform

Live class ( Live class link ) is one of the key features which Vedic tree has on the application. This feature helps the kid to interact with the teacher and solve all the queries if any.

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