Grade 1,2,3,4,5

  • We aim to stimulate the innate curiosity of children through innovative & conceptual learning methods
  • Helps your child understand and communicate through listening, talking, reading and writing
  • Will improve vocabulary & listening skills
  • Will get introduced to letters, names, shapes, and sounds
  • Will Improve self and Hands-on learning
  • Will learn to Share and take turns
  • Create Phonological and phonemic awareness
  • Increases Memory skills
  • Generate Curiosity for new things
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Teaching Pedagogy

Activities appeal to the child's innate tendencies. At the pre primary level we provide theme-based activities that is learning related. Language is taught through phonetic sounds. Number work is taught through concrete examples and is led to conclude step by step in a logical way. EVS is taught through play involving investigation, exploration and discovery. To stimulate learning we have a special play area, which is a well-equipped room where students are led to discover the world around them based on the themes through fantasy or imaginative play. Multimedia and audio visual aids further facilitate their learning and the fivefold development i.e. Physical development, Social development, Emotional development, Mental development and Spiritual development.

Parent's Review

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