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"Naye Zamane Ki Nayi School"

Why Vedic Tree is the Best International School ?

  • High level Education with Animations
  • Valuable Classes
  • e-books for overall development
  • Daily preschool activities
  • Extra-Curricular Activities Included
  • Innovative Teaching Methods
  • Best early learning app available in the market

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Academic Year 2023 - 2024

Awesome Teachers

We have highly experienced and qualified teachers in our school who can handle students in very good way and teaching them discipline.



We have affordable fees so that parents can be assured of optimum quality of education and overall development at reasonable school fees .

Holistic Development

Holistic development essentially means the development of intellectual, mental, physical, emotional, and social abilities in a child.

Our Mission And Vision


"We stand strong in our passion for equipping the youngest citizens of the country with self-confidence, compassion and a value system to be proud of. We are on a mission to foster a strong & everlasting passion for learning that can last a lifetime."


"We aim to provide our students with proper guidance so that they can grow into their own identities, in an open and nurturing environment. We believe that early education should be a harmonious process that combines academic, artistic and practical learning.."

Why We Are


Providing the Best Quality Education at the Most Affordable Fees.

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Our Team of Professionals

Vedic Tree's mission is to provide High-quality, Affordable education for every child to ensure that the foundation remains Strong and Powerful which will help in creating a better tomorrow.


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Raina Thakkar


Anna Miranda

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Frequently Asked Questions

Kids between 2.5years to 6 years

Pre-pandemic it was sole responsibility of teachers and school to handle child growth and learning but post pandemic it is a joint responsibility of teacher and parents, so that child’s overall growth and development happens smoothly. An online class for preschoolers is a new learning environment for all of us and children are no exception. They will take some time to settle, so some parental support is required in the early period. We have seen that at Vedic Tree, children settle in 1-2 weeks. Beyond this, friend, motivator, and coach are the three big roles that you, as a parent, need to fulfill. Create positivity around the online preschool, create a learning space at home, and motivate the child to attend the online classes every day. Take some time and provide help to the child wherever required. It's a great time to be a partner in your child's learning journey! Don't worry, we are with you. Together we will help your child to continue her learning.

You can access the videos anytime through our Vedic Tree International School or on our website www.vedictreeschool.com by logging into your account.

  1. Your child will not miss school.
  2. Online classes for kids will help to create and set the routine for the day
  3. Your child will have all the elements of Preschool - learning, fun, laughter with friends, rhymes and Stories drawings having lunch together and many more aspects of going to preschool.
  4. It will not only help your child to continue his/her learning but also help them develop very important Socio-emotional and gross motor skills.
  5. Your child will learn at their own pace.
  6. Become independent and confident.
  7. Interaction with their friends and teachers.
  8. It will have a positive impact on his/her well-being.
  9. Learn safety and hygiene protocol in a fun way.
  10. Develop an interest in extracurricular activities.
  11. You will be able to engage your child in meaningful activities.

The curriculum of every online class is available in detail through easy-to-follow steps and illustrative videos and photos on the Vedic Tree International School and on our website. In case you miss an online class, you can conduct the activity or get the videos of syllabus which you have missed on our app and on website.

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